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Throughout life, people come and go as age, responsibilities and personal choices call for different directions. At the same time you find your own path and quickly surround yourself with those that share similar passions and ambitions. Thankfully for us, we’ve been fortunate in that we’ve found each other years and years ago. What started with pre-runner trucks and desert racing over 10 years ago started a lifetime bond between the group – even as our ideal outdoor adventure style and preferences changed.

ExploreDesert is the result of a group of friends who have a true passion for exploration and a combined 30+ years of off-road experience. Our mission is to keep the flame of adventure burning brightly within everyone we have the pleasure to meet. Whether it’s a back road in our home town or a thousand miles trekking through the unknown, we’re always ready to conquer what lays around the next turn.

See you in the dirt!