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Keeping it local – Black Mountain & Calico

After a hectic month, Candace and I were eager to get away for a weekend and mentally reset ourselves. Wanting something local we decided on the high desert - more specifically the Black Mountain and Calico Mountain area. Just up the 15 freeway to Barstow, we found ourselves in the dirt roughly an hour and half from our driveway. Fro [...]

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Arizona Pt.2 – Harquahala & Vulture Mountains

In the morning, business as usual. It can be hard to start the day no matter how eager you are about what's to come without a solid breakfast and a bit of go juice from the french press. Candace, as usual, whipped up a solid serving of both while the rest of us started cleaning and packing up. Before long, it was time to........... [...]

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Arizona Pt.1 – Hassayampa Plain & Big Horn Mountains

Some good friends of ours moved to Arizona nearly two years ago to Litchfield Park, just west of Phoenix. Since their time there, we've visited a few times and even made a day trip out to Lake Pleasant, but haven't ventured any further then that. There were talks about doing a offroad/camping trip utilizing their new Polaris RZR but noth [...]

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Orocopia Mountains

The first weekend of March kicked off the annual Sierra Del Sol event in Ocotillo Wells and Truckhaven. Thousands of vehicles, vendors, side-by-sides, campers, you name it make the haul to the desert to partake in one of the biggest off-road events to take place in Southern California. We usually make it out there every year, but this ti [...]

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Death Valley – The Panamints – Pt.2

Before anyone else in the group woke up, Chis, Alissa and Wyatt had a spectacular sunrise all to themselves. Thanks to Alissa for capturing a few pictures. It seems that Death Valley never disappoints when it comes to lighting the sky at the beginning and ending of a day. PC: Alissa R. PC: Alissa R. PC: Alissa R. PC: Alissa R. [...]

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Death Valley – The Panamints – Pt.1

It's that time of the year again and at this point Death Valley in February has become tradition. For those of us in usual sunny So-Cal, we've had an anomaly this winter when it comes to weather. From drought to nearly full reservoirs in a single season and reported record breaking snow levels in the Sierra's. To top it all off, we had t [...]

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Into the Mojave

This report may take a little longer to load then usual due to including more images and combining into one page rather then split it up. Please be patient while images load. I've always had a deep fascination for the Mojave desert. I suppose it'd be hard not to after spending countless car rides along the 15 and 40 freeways as a kid, [...]

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New Years in Sedona

Originally, this New Years was going to be a similar repeat of last - going up to the Eastern Sierra's to camp in the frigid snow and enjoy the natural hot springs that sprinkle the area in an attempt to keep warm. But, as what happens so often with life - work and family situations change nearly daily making it hard to keep plans in chec [...]

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Eastern Sierra’s – Part 4

Continued from Part 3 It was now becoming later in the day and we needed to get into the general area in which we wanted to camp. The original plan was to camp at Funnel Lake but that went out the window when we saw vehicles parked within the trees while up on the narrow switchback road by Coyote Lake. A few other spots would make for gr [...]

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Eastern Sierra’s – Part 3

Continued From Part 2 Saturday morning was a early start since we'd be making the haul back to Bishop for supplies in preparation for Coyote Flats. We made quick work of packing up camp and hitting the 395 south. Couldn't pass up Mahogany Meats along the way, although collectively we spend well over a couple hundred dollars on beef jerky [...]

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