Death Valley – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Woke early on Saturday, knowing that we had a full day ahead of us. The color of the desert when the sun is rising is something one has to experience. It’s never easy to leave a epic camping spot, but it’s easier to set forth knowing a new location awaits. So off we set.

Death Valley 2015 16583504782

Death Valley 2015 16558197936



Into Beatty for gas and supplies





After getting gas, resupplying with snacks and beverages, we set off towards Ryholite and the art museum.

Death Valley 2015 16582978961

Death Valley 2015 16396970718

Death Valley 2015 16398330869

Death Valley 2015 16584203565

Death Valley 2015 16396973668

Get yours today!


And off to Titan Canyon, the most traveled backcountry road in Death Valley.

Death Valley 2015 16583515862


Death Valley 2015 16583520702

Death Valley 2015 16584158085


Death Valley 2015 16398336879

Thumbs Up!


Death Valley 2015 15964429023

As hard as you try and capture what you see and feel in a picture you take, sometimes you truly have to be there to appreciate and views.


Took a breather to set some distance between us and the groups before us.

Death Valley 2015 16398341829

Death Valley 2015 15962060504



Even the dogs enjoyed the scenic trip


After getting out of the rat race through Titus Canyon, we shot up north to Scotty’s Castle. We never made it in, as the place was packed and we had some serious dirt miles to cover to get to our camp spot in Saline Valley. In route, we did stop by Ubehebe Crater to snap a couple pictures before setting off into the back-country.

Death Valley 2015 16583529452

Human Ants

Death Valley 2015 15964439733


Directly leaving the Ubehebe Creator, you turn off onto a dirt trail not many of the pavement dwellers dare to face. It’s a brutal trek to the Race Track, but even so it’s nice to get back to being off the beaten path and experiencing what most cannot.

Death Valley 2015 16583002361

Death Valley 2015 15964441893



Stopped at Teakettle Junction to add our own, have lunch and relax a few after a long and brutal drive to keep within our time frame. Goal was to make it down Lippincott before the sunset.

Death Valley 2015 16583004831

Death Valley 2015 16396998538

Ours is top right.


Death Valley 2015 16397192310

Looking down towards the Race Track



The view dropping into the Racetrack was awesome. Been to quite a few dry lake beds, but not one this pristine, vast and a “grandstand” within.

Death Valley 2015 16397000308

Death Valley 2015 15962086584

The Grand Stand

Death Valley 2015 15964471753

Nuttin’ but trouble

Death Valley 2015 16558150356

Death Valley 2015 16397213910

Death Valley 2015 16398385869

Death Valley 2015 16558263886

“All this way… for this?”

Death Valley 2015 16584266025

Death Valley 2015 16583040081


And off to Lippincott. Normally this wouldn’t be any kind of a worry, but we were unsure of the wheelbase on the Superduty combined with some of the tighter sections. We put my Tacoma in front, and the Bronco in the back in the event we needed to use straps or things got sketchy. Turns out, it did just fine with room to spare. The road was in good shape considering it isn’t maintained. What a fun drive and epic views into Saline Valley!

Death Valley 2015 16584273175

Thou shall not pass!

Death Valley 2015 16584270125


Looking down into Saline Valley



Death Valley 2015 16397249990

Thumbs Up!


Death Valley 2015 16583058251

Death Valley 2015 15962129624



Perfect timing! Dropping into the valley floor as the sun set. Destination for tonight’s camp was the Hot Springs.

Death Valley 2015 16584285185

Death Valley 2015 16397056238



Heading down Saline Valley Rd we saw a van on the side of the road. Stopped to make sure everyone was ok and if they needed anything. Ended picking up a nail and had a flat. Let them use our patch kit and air compressor, and about 15 minutes later they were back in business. Leaving the springs Sunday morning, we saw the van again, this time with what looked like a busted balljoint. Made sure they were OKĀ and had help coming before continuing on our way.

Death Valley 2015 16583069341

Death Valley 2015 16583597792

Death Valley 2015 15964507673


We arrived at the hot springs a little after dark. The road leading into the place was a piece of paradise after miles of washboard and rock sections. Sandy wash with small, nicely spaced whoops made for a killer way to end the days journey. Driving into the springs at night was a bit confusing, it took us a while to decide what to do and where to camp, it was after all Valentines weekend at a clothing optional retreat. There was an abundance of nudity. Nothing says you’ve made it to the hippy hole like a group jumping out of the bushes in front of your vehicle to show full spread of things you don’t entirely want to see.

We were tired. Set up camp, the girls made a killer dinner, and we wasted away around log hog while staring off into the stars. Bed was calling.

Death Valley 2015 16410697299

Death Valley 2015 16410696949

Death Valley 2015 16409320628

Death Valley 2015 15976763363

Death Valley 2015 16410695589

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